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    How to Install on Mac

    How to Install TrapSynth VST on Windows

    TrapSynth includes an automatic installer for VST2, & VST3


    MacOS Installer Walkthrough

    1. Run the installer and follow the prompts on screen.

    2. Open your DAW and rescan plugins.

    3. Your done! Add TrapSynth to an instrument channel and enjoy!

    I moved the Samples Folder and now the plugin says "Sample Directory Not Found"

    If you moved TrapSynth Samples Folder or get the message

    'Sample Not Found' or "Sample Directory Does Not Exist"

    follow the steps below to change the sample folders location in the plugin:

    1. Click Choose Sample Folder

    2. Select the TrapSynth VST Samples Folder

    3. Click OK

    4. *IMPORTANT* Remove the plug-in from your DAW and re-add it.

    5. Your done!
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